This is, indeed, a very cute dress on Robin Roberts. In fact, there are two cute dresses – and I think I prefer the second one. I like the colours better on the second one. And the collar. And how the stripes are all laid out and disconnected but connected at the same time. Wait no, it’s a top and a skirt. Still, a great combination. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Michael K is right. This video of this person saving a squirrel is a soul soother. I was done as soon as the squirrel put its little paw on the person’s arm. And practically weeping when it climbed into his hand. Also… maybe this is inappropriate, but this is why I should not be saved during the apocalypse, because I am useless to humanity – this is hot, right? Like I am very, very attracted to the saviour. (Dlisted) 

Amber Ruffin dedicated a segment on anti-Asian racism and hate crimes. She addresses the model minority myth and the history of anti-Asian racism in the United States specifically but also applies to Canada. It’s only six minutes, but she makes all the points. This line is brilliant. “Donald Trump is an asshole….but he’s not an inventor”. People of Asian descent have been in peril for a long time in North America. And Amber’s unmistakable emotion at the end of segment means SO much. (Pajiba) 


MY GOD the British royal family. It’s one idiotic move after another. Apparently they’ll be bringing in a “diversity tsar” to make the institution more diverse. You can argue that the decision has merit, I guess, but describing the person who will eventually take on the job as a DIVERSITY TSAR is probably not the best use of words when we’re talking about diversity and inclusion considering that one of the definitions of “tsar” is “tyrant” and/or “autocrat”?! (Cele|bitchy) 

I LOVE Abby Phillip. And I can’t wait to dig into this interview between Abby and Gayle King. Here’s the line that caught my eye that validates my affection for Abby: “I’m a print reporter at heart – I like doing the work”. (The Cut)