Meghan Markle may be the royal family’s newest shiniest member but don’t forget, it’s the Cambridge children, Big G, Charlotte, and now Trey who are the main focus. After all, one day, they will be the senior members of the royal family. One day. Until then, Savannah Phillips can still tell Big G what’s good. 

Covering his mouth, to me, isn’t even the best shot. The best shot is this one: 


Savannah Phillips is not here to be mansplained to, by anyone, even the future king of England. 

Amazingly, Big G did not have one of his infamous tantrums on Saturday on the Buckingham Palace balcony. Charlotte was seen crying for a bit because she was startled when she fell off her step stool but Big G was relatively drama-free. Only a matter of time though. 

On Sunday, Princess Kate took the children to watch their dad play in a charity polo match and at one point, like clockwork, Big G had a suck attack over something and was seen whining about it in his mother’s arms. I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that he was swinging a mallet around. I don’t know if giving that kid a mallet is a good idea. Charlotte meanwhile decided to see if she could stand on her head. Which Kate did not seem precious about, even though Charlotte was wearing a dress. I like this about her – that, hopefully, she's not getting pearl-clutchy about what they should and shouldn’t be doing. They’re playing. They’re children. Let them enjoy it now before their lives are literally governed by all kinds of uppity-ass people rules. Even now these kids have more rules than other kids have to follow. It’s only going to get more and worse.