After visiting Canada House today to celebrate Commonwealth Day, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined the Queen and other senior royals, including Prince Charles and Camilla and Prince William and Catherine, at Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Day service. As you can see, Kate and Meghan greeted each other warmly and were seen speaking to each other, big smiles on their faces, while awaiting Her Majesty’s arrival, which must be a disappointment to the British tabloids, that they can’t continue their “feud” story between the duchesses. William and Harry seemed same-same around each other too, the way they always are, despite the fact that their households will reportedly be separated soon – a natural move considering the differences in their positions. And Charles and Meghan were seen sharing an affectionate moment…

…which is in line with what we’ve heard about how well they get along.

Kate’s wearing Catherine Walker, a military style coat from her closet. Meghan showed up in white, same as last year on Commonwealth Day. This time the white covered a Victoria Beckham dress and I quite like this hat on her. Can we call it a pillbox? Like a Jackie Kennedy style pillbox? It’s a good look on her and I only wish she’d worn her hair down because the way it is here, with the middle part and her hair pulled back, it’s a little nursey which is what Gary Janetti is getting at:


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Just another month to go now. I can’t wait to find out the name of this baby. If we’re going by Prince Andrew as an example, Eugenie, in particular, was a big surprise - not a single bet was placed on it out of thousands. That’s what I hope Harry and Meghan are going for. Something no one is predicting. I have my predictions. Get yours ready. We should get a pool going.