Have you missed these titles? After NBCUniversal’s upfront presentation yesterday, the push to the fall premiere of Season 3 of This Is Us has officially started. We have a whole summer to prepare for ALL THE FEELINGS. 

I almost forgot about the feelings. By now, you know I love a good cry. You know how much This Is Us makes me cry. The only explanation for why I just casually pressed play on the below recap video posted by the show’s Twitter account without preparing myself for my uncontrollable emotions is that I forgot about the feelings. I forgot how much this show digs into my insides and escapes through my eyeballs. Apparently, it does the same to Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz

Are you OK? I’m not OK. I understand that these people are actors and that the cheesy music was inserted for the specific purpose of making cornballs like me cry at our desks but I do not care. As usual, their blatant pandering for tears worked on me. 

This recap does not give us any new information about This Is Us season 3 but various cast interviews have given us a few hints, which is weird since Dan Fogelman tweeted that he’s still writing the Season 3 premiere. The cast is either bullsh-tting everyone or they’ve been told some basic plot points. 

Justin Hartley has been told that Kevin will be exploring Jack’s past in Vietnam. I’m already bored. Susan Kelechi Watson has been told that Beth is alive (in what timeline, SUSAN?) and Sterling K. Brown has been told who “her” is. That’s the “her” he and grownup Tess were referring to in the final moments of the finale. My guess is that it’s Kate. That’s based on nothing but me not wanting it to be Beth. 

The more interesting story out of NBC’s upfront is that This Is Us is the star child and the network is desperate to birth another tearjerker. Here’s how Variety describes NBC’s upcoming programming: 

The trailer for “The Village” teased a drama designed to strike the same sentimental chords as “This Is Us.” “New Amsterdam” looked like “ER” filtered through “This Is Us.” “Manifest” looked like “Lost” filtered through “This Is Us.” Even “The Enemy Within,” a spy drama in the “24” vein, appears to have a strong family-tragedy streak running through it.

So, we’ll be getting various versions of the Pearsons – spies, doctors, plane-crash survivors. The emotional network drama is in again and I am HERE FOR IT. Bring on the tears.