This Is Us is campaigning or Emmy nominations and there was an event this week attended by the cast and all the outfits here are really cute. I love this pattern on Mandy Moore and I really, really, really love the pattern on Chrissy Metz. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I posted the other day about whatever it was that Taika Waititi, Tessa Thompson, and Rita Ora and the follow-up to that is that Tessa was papped kissing Zac Stenmark, a male model. Which is another reason why I think the three of them were just clowning. And as a few of you have pointed out in my inbox, there are some people who are calling this out as queer-baiting. Whatever your view on it, at this point it doesn’t seem like Taika, Tessa, and Rita are actually a “throuple”.  (Dlisted) 

As we saw last week after the Dyson report found that Martin Bashir and the BBC misled Princess Diana, there seems to be a movement to minimise Diana’s experience – specifically in how she was treated by the royal family. For sure the British media was cruel in how they treated her…but that doesn’t mean that what she said about how she was treated by Prince Charles and the royal family wasn’t true. But it would seem like that’s the story they’re trying to rewrite. (Cele|bitchy)


Prank or not, this video is amazing – it’s funny and it’s fun and it’s the mood we are all missing and while I’m not a “dance when no one is watching” person, I do miss dancing on the street, dancing with friends, dancing at anywhere, except my kitchen, the only place I dance now…and it’s alone. Damn. How did I go from such a high to being such a f-cking downer. (Pajiba) 

People have been talking about the Friends reunion all day. All week. It’s now available on HBO Max and Crave in Canada. Are you watching tonight? Are you watching and trying not to think to hard about it? Megan Garber writes here about the show’s mythology and how this reunion special is an “uneasy continuation”. (The Atlantic)