This cat though. I want a day in this cat’s life to be narrated by the dude who narrated the honey badger video. Maybe my mother could narrate a day in this cat’s life. Actually, no. My ma also has no f-cks to give, like this cat. So she would definitely not give up any of her time narrating a video of a cat. She is a Queen, operating on her own time, just like this cat. Here’s a photo of her last night toothpicking her teeth at the table (a perfectly acceptable activity at a proper Chinese restaurant – try it some time). (Dlisted) 

When did Bradley Whitford become hot? This is not a new thing. If you consider this a new thing then I’m pretty sure you don’t know the Bartlet White House. Which means you don’t know Josh Lyman. Which means you don’t know Donna Moss. Which means you do not ship Josh and Donna. And I need you to do that homework, please. Do The West Wing homework. You’ll realise that Bradley Whitford has been hot for a while. And you’ll surprise yourself when you realise that Toby Ziegler/Richard Schiff is kinda hot too. (Pajiba)

I haven’t seen Kathleen since lunch. When I saw her she was eating the last of her noodle soup and had just gotten over crying over Drake’s new video for God’s Plan. I wonder if she started crying again when she found out that Serena Williams hosted a private Black Panther screening and who she hosted it for. Oh. Drake and Serena. Remember Drake and Serena? (TMZ) 

I love and hate this dress on Greta Gerwig. Love because of those embellishments. At first I thought they were all 12 Chinese zodiac signs, which it’s not, but that doesn’t matter because the colour of the sequins is gorgeous and the pops of green are surprising and delightful. They could pop more though. If not for this boring ass sheer and beige underlay. Imagine all this wonderful glitter against a stark black backdrop. So much better, right?!? (Go Fug Yourself) 
Allison Janney is the favourite to win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance as LaVona Golden, Tonya Harding’s mother, in I, Tonya. And this frontrunner to win an Oscar just talked about her favourite Oscar memories. Guess what she said? Well, she talked about fashion. Cher’s fashion. Will Allison take fashion inspiration from Cher when she shows up at the Oscars? Pretty sure Allison’s not going to get sanctimonious and pissy and feign indignation if you ask her about what she’s wearing at the Oscars.  (Cele|bitchy) 

History was made in men’s figure skating during the short program performances last night when Vincent Zhou landed the quad lutz. Nathan Chen did not do the history-making. Instead, two skaters coached by Brian Orser are leading. And both are suuuuuch Brian Orser athletes. Especially Yuzuru Hanyu. Think of how Yuna Kim skated. And the small but critical style details in their programs. What would happen if Nathan Chen was coached by Brian Orser?  (Time)