Dear Gossips, 

Today is our final day of posting on the site as we are pausing for the holiday break. Should something huge go down, and by huge I mean Travis Kelce gets down on one knee on the field at Arrowhead after the game on Christmas Day and proposes to Taylor Swift, LOL, I will be here, and I will post about it. Otherwise we will return to our regular gossip schedule on Tuesday January 2, 2024, rested and ready. 


The gossip doesn’t stop, however, at The Squawk. Our chats will remain open and I’ll be posting a couple of threads every few days so that we can comment on the celebrities who are thirsty enough to make themselves available during the holidays. This was always one of the reasons we started The Squawk – to build our own gossip community, and the community will be active through the break. 

Today also happens to be a major holiday on the East Asian calendar. In Korean it’s Dongji in Korea; in Japanese it’s Toji in Japan; and in Chinese we call it Dongzhi – aka Winter Festival, and many Chinese consider Dongzhi to be even more important than Lunar New Year. 


The balance between Yin and Yang is central to many Asian cultures. “Yin” is the shadow and “Yang” is light. Dongzhi, which happens around the winter solstice, marks the return of “Yang” after a season of “Yin”. Harmony is the smooth flow between the two. This Dongzhi, I hope we can all find the right blend of Yin and Yang. 

And on that note, just in time for Dongji, BTS’s Jimin has just released a new single called “Closer Than This”. It’s a love letter to the band and their time together, as they’re all now serving mandatory military duty, and also to ARMY, their loyal fans. This is BTS’s time of Yin, but Jimin’s song promises that the Yang will return soon. 


From all of us at LaineyGossip, may your holiday be filled with joy and laughter and good health. May the year ahead be kinder and happier and much more fun. May we all be blessed with the reflective calm of the Yin and the bright energy of the Yang. 

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Everything!

Yours in gossip,