In late November 2019, Justin Timberlake made headlines when he was seen very drunk at a bar New Orleans, where he was shooting a movie, holding hands and looking pretty intimate with a costar. He subsequently apologised and took the opportunity to promote that movie. As I wrote at the time, and at the beginning of this year, there was no question about whether or not this would permanently affect his marriage. In fact, my prediction was that there would be a pregnancy. This weekend, the Daily Mail reported exclusively that Jessica Biel gave birth last week to their second child, a son. There’s been no official confirmation but there hasn’t been a denial either. This is looking pretty legit. So how did the Mail get this scoop?


According to their report, a “friend” from Colorado has shared that Jessica’s mother Kimberly Conroe Biel planned to stay with them until this weekend. Justin and Jessica have been in Montana through lockdown so it looks like the leak is coming from her home town, which would suggest that it’s not intentional – and it certainly wouldn’t be if it’s coming from the Daily Mail. 

Of course the timing is what makes this extra noteworthy. Because if this is true, it’s looking like Jessica would have already been pregnant or just gotten pregnant when JT was drunk and messy back in November – which, none of that matters now since they’ve added to their family and you can’t move on without fully committing to moving on, if there was indeed anything to move on from, and we’ve been told for months up and down that nothing was offside other than the fact that he drank too much. It’s definitely at least a footnote in the record though, especially for those who study celebrity. Justin Timberlake has been able to cruise through some stumbles, almost always with an assist by a woman.