One of the biggest headlines, if not the biggest headline, about COVID-19 yesterday was that Prince Charles has tested positive for it. Clarence House confirmed in a statement that Charles and Camilla (who tested negative) are in isolation in Scotland. Charles is said to be experiencing mild symptoms and the Queen is doing fine. 

The palace also confirmed that Charles has spoken to Princes William and Harry, about his diagnosis. That seems normal, for a parent to let his children know about this major news. Then again, these aren’t normal times and for over a year now, the relationship between Charles and his kids and his kids and each other, has been strained. Revealing to the public that, yes, Charles did tell his sons about his condition heads off the gossip that one or both of them may have found out from the news. Imagine that headline? 

Following the announcement yesterday that Charles has coronavirus, it was quickly traced back that he’d had a meeting with Prince Albert of Monaco who also recently tested positive. As I noted yesterday, this made it more difficult for the British tabloids to blame Meghan Markle somehow. And yet, they still found a way to drag her into this. 

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan “forbids” Harry from returning to the UK to see his father. Harry and Meghan, as we all know, are in Canada. Um, not sure if you’ve heard, but here in Canada, travel and border restrictions have been imposed because of the pandemic. I mean, sure, as a prince, Harry could probably get an exemption, but then that would become a f-cking story – about how he got special treatment, not to mention whatever costs would be associated with him getting on a plane and eventually coming back. So nobody had to “forbid” him, it’s really not an option. Just like it’s not an option for many of us to go see our parents because we’re all adhering to the isolation recommendations. It’s probably not a good idea for William to go see Charles either, with three small children at home. And besides, isn’t there a whole thing about, like, royal chain of command? You know how they’re not supposed to fly together so that, you know, they all can’t be taken out at once? It would be the same in this case, non? 

After all, nobody wants to end up in a situation where Prince Andrew is the only royal adult who’s well enough to rep. Speaking of Prince Andrew, as many joked on social media yesterday, he’s been in isolation for months now so, perhaps, the likelihood of him contracting coronavirus are lower than others in the family. That said, well, I’m sure you’ve seen the tweet that went viral about Jennifer-14. If people weren’t mocking him for that which is related of course to his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the dead rapist pedophile, they were wondering about his broken sweat glands. Remember when he did an interview on the BBC and started talking about how his sweat glands have malfunctioned, offering this as evidence that he couldn’t possibly have participated in Epstein’s underage sex ring?! Let no virus ever make us numb to the bonkersness of that interview.