The FUG Girls are throwing it back to 2014 and Emily Blunt at the premiere of Edge of Tomorrow, calling it one of her best looks but… I think I disagree. Because I don’t remember it the first time, it barely registered. Which, for me, means it’s not memorable – good or bad. From a design perspective, there’s really not much to it. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I really, really miss going to movies. SO much. Like I can’t wait to get back into a theatre… when I am safely double-vaxxed. And we aren’t going to talk about when that’s happening because, well, here in Canada many of us are still waiting for more information on when our second doses will be available. Anyway, while I’m here fantasising about going to the movies again, people in the US are already going to the movies and I’m trying to decide if I’d want to see a fight go down the first time I get inside a theatre. Like is this the kind of drama I’ve been missing? (Dlisted) 

Speaking of going to the movies, a lot of people did go to the movies in the US this long weekend – and a lot of them went to see A Quiet Place Part 2 so that’s back to back box office hits for John Krasinski. (Pajiba) 


Piers Morgan claims that Good Morning Britain wants him back. Could be true, or it could be bullsh-t but this is definitely a Trumpy move, because if it’s a lie, he’s put people in a position where they have to spend energy on this lie… and he gets to make headlines. (Cele|bitchy) 

Simone Biles is a gymnastics legend – and still, no matter how much she’s done for the sport (and it’s a LOT), the sport continues to treat her like an outsider. And, as Lex Pryor writes, this is just history repeating itself. (The Ringer)