The Fug Girls are right – Nick Jonas does look cheesy in this outfit. There’s a lot going on with the shirt and the shoes and everything in between. But then again… isn’t cheesy on trend right now? Every outfit is doing the most this summer. Because for a lot of people there hasn’t been a real summer in two years, so this summer it’s like we’re all wearing all of it at the same time. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Speaking of doing the most – one of the big celebrity news stories over the last few days is about Teresa Giudice getting married. I don’t know anything about this person because I have never watched an episode of Real Housewives of Any City. But my point above about everyone wearing all of it at the same time? This applies to her bridal look …which… not going to lie: I’m kinda digging the big ass wedding hair with the big ass wedding tiara. It’s very Miss Universe, and it’s very Elvis and Priscilla, all of which I find irresistible, sorry. (Dlisted) 

Tucker Carlson, that smug stupid f-ck, who by the way for YEARS and YEARS has defended that terrible human being Alex Jones, the man who has tried to delegitimise the deaths of Sandy Hook children, tried to come for Jon Stewart, and promptly had his ass handed to him. (Pajiba) 


Yes! Let’s talk about napping again because I’m so good at it… although I can’t say I agree here with Regé-Jean Page because a 10 to 20 minute power nap would not be adequate for me. That’s not to say I can’t fall asleep on command for 10 or 20 minutes because I absolutely can, and have done, but when it happens it’s often unplanned. Like waiting at the doctor’s office or sometimes when I’m on a shoot and the camera crew is still setting up (Cele|bitchy) 

On that note, should I get a new job? Should I become a professional sleeper? I could totally f-cking do this. Because I do indeed have “exceptional sleeping ability” with the ability to “sleep through anything”. I have slept through an airshow, with jets roaring by overhead. Anyway, if you also have a talent like this, you should apply. (Business Insider)