And with that we look ahead to 2022 and whatever gossip is coming our way. Wishing all our link partners a happy and SAFE new year and the best of 2022. 

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Yesterday was Wednesday and on Wednesday it was pink – a Fug Girls lookback at the pinkness of 2021. Today it’s yellow as they revisit the yellow fashion of the year. The Fug Girls weren’t feeling Zendaya’s yellow Valentino at the Oscars but I was and still do. And I definitely still LOVE Emma Corrin’s Emmys outfit. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I don’t watch Emily in Paris but everyone I know who does is all about crushing on Lucas Bravo. Lucas Bravo may not be all that ok with all the crushing though? “In France… they want broken faces” cracked me up. (Dlisted) 

Prince Charles and Camilla are in Scotland to end the year. Do you think they stay up for the countdown or do you think they go to bed early? Do you think they send texts to people right at midnight or FaceTime other family members to wish them happy new year? I’m trying to imagine Charles on FaceTime and I can’t. (Cele|bitchy) 


Kayleigh Donaldson and Dustin Rowles share their best books of 2021. (Pajiba) 

I’m not big on donuts. There’s only one kind of donut I really like – a Boston cream. That said, I am that person who wants to try the food things that everyone is talking about and probably for the first time in my life, I really, really want to try this donut that 10,000 people are on a wait list for. 10,000! (Eater)