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Dear Gossips,

Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel, an Amazon production, is scheduled for release December 1. This is award season. So there was some speculation, before the film screened at the NY Film Festival this weekend, that it could be part of the conversation. Now that people have seen it, however, there doesn’t seem to be that much momentum, and nobody really wants to be pushing a Woody Allen project right now anyway.

By all accounts, the class of Wonder Wheel is Kate Winslet. Which is not surprising. Also not surprising? According to some critics, Justin Timberlake…isn’t a very good actor. Here’s how The Guardian described JT’s performance:

“(Winslet) handles it much better than her painfully miscast co-stars, though. As her brash husband, Belushi plays it all too big, while as her soulful lover, Timberlake is embarrassingly out of his depth. It doesn’t help that he’s forced to spout inanities (“I want to write plays about human life”), but his line readings are so earnest and overly pronounced that it feels like he’s just joined a small-town am-dram company and this is his first performance.”

This isn’t the first reference to JT’s acting-enunciation. I wrote about it a few years ago when he was in Friends With Benefits with Mila Kunis. When Justin Timberlake is acting, it looks and sounds like he’s acting. This is not the mark of a good actor. Why do they keep trying to convince us he’s an actor? And why is it that his attempts at acting aren’t met with the same derision as, say, someone like Madonna? I’m not here to tell you that I enjoy Madonna’s acting. I don’t. But she’s mocked for it in a way that he isn’t. In fact, he’s actually ENCOURAGED. All the time! And… it’s not like he’s not good at anything else! Nobody needs to worry about Justin Timberlake!

If Justin Timberlake has shown us anything, Justin Timberlake will take care of Justin Timberlake.

Here's JT at the Wonder Wheel press conference in New York on the weekend. 

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