Just when you thought the whole Popeye’s chicken sandwich frenzy had finally died down, someone’s shown up late to the party to try and claim the crown. I wonder if this is like when a figure skater doesn’t do anything in their program except jump – quad triple, quad, triple triple, quad triple, quad, triple, and more jumps, the end. No artistry, no finesse, just jumps. Is there any artistry to this new chicken sandwich or is it all just… bulk? (Dlisted) 

Tom Hiddleston and his co-star Zawe Ashton have been seen outside of work often, including at the US Open. There are now reports that they are, indeed, dating but this time, with his love life, he doesn’t want to make it a thing. So there’s still a question mark here – are they together or are they just working together? I feel like this is a lot of time to spend with someone from work if you’re not together romantically, especially when you’re in a play together and you’re constantly sharing energy. (Cele|bitchy) 

God I f-cking love Zendaya so much. All I’ve been doing for my looks at TIFF is Euphoria-inspired makeup. And now she’s given us her second and last collection for Tommy Hilfiger and… well… it’s great. I want. But of course. This is Zendaya. As the FUG Girls say, she doesn’t half-ass anything and because of her, the Hilfiger brand is a thing. For now. That’s all they get of her though so do we go back to not caring about Tommy Hilfiger? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Was Joseph Gordon-Levitt your Internet Boyfriend after 500 Days of Summer? Can you believe that was ten years ago? Have you gone back to watch that movie lately? Does it hold up? This is an interesting experiment and I want to try it as soon as possible because my sense is that it won’t hold up? Anyway, JGL hasn’t been working much because he wants to be with his children – have you missed him? In Euphoria there’s a character called “Daniel” and every time he comes onscreen, I think it’s JGL. Does anyone else have this problem? (Pajiba) 

Today in We Are All Old, this is why music videos are all vertical now. And I hate it. It makes me feel squished. Prem, being the baby of this group, probably loves it. And Kathleen, being the wannabe baby of this group, probably wants to love it but can’t. (The Ringer)