The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Power Stylist issue has, over the last decade or so, become an entertainment industry standard, establishing the value of fashion and styling in the business and therefore the importance of stylists in the business. This is why Law Roach invented his job description: Image Architect. Law and his peers are an essential part of the team surrounding a celebrity in building and managing their career. 


But the hair, makeup, and nail artists are part of that too. Which is why The Hollywood Reporter is now giving the stylist treatment to the glam squad and putting that energy into their annual Beauty Issue


I love that Zoe Saldana is on one of the covers because it was Zoe who was among the most vocal, way back, over a decade ago, about working with her stylist Petra Flannery to produce looks for press tours and bringing the case for the significance of clothing and wardrobe to the studios as part of movie promotion. And now it’s Zoe once again fronting THR for an issue that spotlights the artists she works with on her face, her hair, and all the other features they go into the presentation of her celebrity. 

It's so easy for the uninformed to wave off this part of the work as frivolity; but the fact is, these people are professionals, they’re at the top of their game, and they study, research, rehearse, they take their jobs very seriously because they are experts – they have legit SKILLS. So they should be recognised for that the preparation and the talent they bring to the celebrity ecosystem. 


I feel so strongly about this because I have the privilege of working with some of the best artists in Canada who have helped me in my career in broadcasting. So I’ve seen, up close, the dedication and the commitment they put into their craft. Like, for example, right now we’re approaching Halloween and while we on-camera get most of the hype for what you’ll see on television and on social media that day, it’s totally impossible without the labour of hair and makeup artists and stylists. For weeks on our shows they’ve been sourcing costumes ad accessories and products to bring the shows’ visions to life. And that day is EXHAUSTING for them. But they often don’t get the public credit. 

That of course also applies to regular, everyday shows and appearances. The job isn’t just about slapping on some concealer and eyeshadow and sticking a blow dryer in your hair. They’re the ones who actually work with the products that are manufactured by these billion dollar companies and blend and mix and stretch them to their full potential. It’s literal magic what these people can do on our eyes and our skin and our hair. 


So an issue like this really amplifies what these brilliant artists are worth, and what they mean to the celebrities we follow. That’s why these big names are showing up for them. Like Charlize Theron who attended the beauty dinner last night in support of hair stylist Adir Abergel. 


And Kelly Rowland and Janelle Monae, a red carpet rock star who would know a thing or two about how vital the glam squad has been with the looks she has served over the years. 

So if you haven’t already, check out the THR glam squad list here. (And maybe someone send the list to Princess Kate?!) The name that pops out to me here is makeup artist Nina Park because I have been stalking her for years. She was with Brie Larson in Cannes earlier this year when Brie shut it down every night on the red carpet as a member of the jury. She also works with Greta Lee who could earn her first Oscar nomination this year for her work in Past Lives so we might be seeing Nina’s skills a lot more this season. 


The name that’s missing from this list, however, in my opinion, is Maeng. She is one of South Korea’s top makeup talents, and works on all four members of BLACKPINK. A lot of makeup artists I know in North America are constantly checking out her work. Look at Lisa’s face here!