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Thor: Ragnarok will open in exactly a month from today, on November 3. Which means that, very soon, the cast and their charismatic director will be promoting the sh-t out of the movie around the world. Which means that we will soon see that charismatic director, Taika Waititi, on the red carpet. And this matters because Taika Waititi is one of few men whose clothing choices are as interesting, sometimes more, than what the women are wearing.

So interesting that The Hollywood Reporter profiled Taika’s style the other day as part of the early publicity push for Thor: Ragnarok. His most memorable style moment obviously was what he wore to Comic-Con back in July:


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It’s not just what you wear, it’s how you wear it. And Taika clearly understands the “how” of fashion as much as the “what” of it.

Sarah’s been sharing her excitement about Taika’s vision for Thor for a long time, ever since it was announced that he would be directing. I’m not in the business of disagreeing with Sarah when it comes to nerd sh-t so I’ve been excited about it too. But I’ve become even more excited about Taika’s vision for his own celebrity. When a superhero movie comes out, it’s typically the actor playing the superhero who becomes the main attraction. They are, after all, the “movie stars”. Taika is not a “movie star”, but he has movie star qualities. He is becoming the main attraction of Thor: Ragnarok. And thus he’s getting main attraction treatment. More important, he’s SEEKING main attraction treatment. How many other directors are featured in The Hollywood Reporter talking about their personal style? How many other directors will eclipse most of the actors on the red carpet? I’m not mad at this at all.

Click here to read THR’s style profile on Taika Waititi. More on Taiki to come when the Thor press tour gets underway.

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