This story keeps getting better and better. AND…there is so much going on in that first photo – where do we begin? Do we begin with what is Chloe Green wearing? What is her mother (I’m assuming that’s her mother) wearing? Is this a prelude to their family wedding portrait? If they really are getting married, what is that prenup going to look like? Is she going to sign a prenup? Remember when she dated Marc Anthony? (Dlisted) 

Leonardo DiCaprio’s current bonafide, Camila Morrone, saw Leo in The Struggle aka The Revenant and wasn’t feeling it. Camila is 20 right now. The Struggle came out 3 years ago, when she would have been 17. Just… wanted to put all of this in perspective – not that a 17-year-old can’t have an opinion because her 17-year-old opinion on that film is valid as f-ck, but a reminder that, you know, he’s dating a woman who was 17 just three years ago. That’s my point. The other point is that I wonder what that does for his ego. Because he makes a point of only spending romance time with women her age. And his work… clearly isn’t resonating with them/her? (Cele|bitchy) 

Coachella is happening in less than two weeks. Beyoncé is performing – yay! But also? All the assholes will be out. Specifically all the people dressed like assholes, because that’s what Coachella has become known for: where people go to dress like assholes. You know the list of regulars but just in case, here’s the list. (Pop Sugar) 

As I’ve mentioned before, pandas are what I usually do on Friday nights. Usually for around three hours. It never starts that way, it just ends up that way. I’ll be reading a book. I’ll decide to check something online. I’ll find myself on YouTube, spending time with pandas. Suddenly it’s 2 in the morning. I’ve seen almost every panda video available online. I am even familiar now with the panda nannies. Has my panda obsession contributed to this good news? That pandas are now no longer endangered? I will take this credit, even if it it’s undeserved. PS. Panda GIFs! (Pajiba) 

I just did this to myself and I regret it so I’m forcing it on you: remember Aqua? “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world”? It’s been in my head all day after looking at the updated photo of the lead singer, Lene Nystrom. And now I’m passing it on to you. Sorry. (TMZ) 

What Andrew Gruttadaro has done here is excellent and extensive work, making great use of the internet. This is exactly what the internet is for – somehow finding 64 different baseball caps that Leonardo DiCaprio has worn over the years and putting them in competition. People have dragged Drake for his multiple team (dis)loyalties in the past. Well what about Leo? There’s no rhyme or reason behind his hat-wearing. He is clearly hat-easy. He’ll wear any f-cking hat. Which, frankly, is a character flaw. You will never, for example, find me in an Ottawa Senators hat. EVER. And you’ll never find an Ottawa Senators fan in a Toronto Maple Leafs hat. I will also never wear a Texas Rangers hat. And I’d rather wear a kitten heel than wear a New England Patriots hat. Leo, clearly, has no principles. A person with no principles is a person with no values. (The Ringer)