This is what surprised me last night during the Billboard Music Awards: I was into the Jonas Brothers performance. Hard. I laughed at the fact that Nick and Joe had to remind us that they had successful singles in their own right before joining Kevin for their current song “Sucker” but I enjoyed every minute of them doing their thing all these years later, now that they’ve all had sex. Or aren’t pretending anymore to not have had sex. 

The pyro amused me too. JoBros and PYRO? OK, sure. I’m not going to fight it. Also…Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas, aka the Jonas Sisters, are a big part of the draw. Sorry, but I lived for each and every one of those cutaways to those women dancing along, singing every word. It was cute. It was fantasy come to life – like when you were a kid, on the playground with your friends, the innocent promises you made to each other that you’d be friends forever, that you’d all grow up to marry three brother and live next door to each other. THAT is what the Jonas Six are doing right now. 

Of course the main Jonas headline today is that Sophie and Joe got married by Elvis. We know this courtesy of Diplo:


There were several other artists there, including Dan + Shay who sang Sophie down the aisle. Total surprise or planned surprise? Considering that all three JoBros had matching grey suits, there had to be SOME planning, even though they exchanged vows with ring pops. And now that it’s happened, yeah, it makes total sense. After Priyanka and Nick, who had as many weddings as there are Avengers, a Vegas wedding was the best option. They’ll have a bigger party later, I’m sure, with a proper wedding dress and Arya Stark standing guard beside the bride, but making it official this way, on a post-show high, would have felt right to me too. 

But did you ever think that Joe Jonas would marry Jean Grey, the Dark Phoenix, and, most importantly, Sansa Stark, the smartest person in Winterfell?!

PS. Sophie was my best dressed of the night. This jumpsuit is MY SOUL. I love the length of the pant. I love the Avengers-y vibe of the look. I f-cking love her hair styled like this, parted in the middle, not entirely flat but not too much volume either, falling to just past the shoulders. And if she hadn’t gotten married, making it impossible for me not to include these photos, she would have been the Outfit of the Week. That’s on you, Sophie. You chose to get married over being the OOTW.