I love gross sh-t. Which is why I’ve seen this Tom Cruise video a lot of times. It’s not as satisfying as a pimple popping video but I get the squeam-cringes every time. How many times do you think Tom Cruise has watched this video? Like I bet he couldn’t wait to share it. It’s going to be months before the movie comes out! He could have banked this for the press tour. Or maybe by then he’ll have another insane stunt video to show off.  (Dlisted) 

Kate Winslet is talking about her regrets about working with certain people because she now knows it brought pain to other people, which sounds a lot like the Greta Gerwig blueprint that she provided a few weeks ago. Greta got specific though. And Kate? Most are assuming Kate Winslet is referring to Woody Allen here? It’s specific about her regret. But also it could be anyone? (Jezebel) 
This is the most perfect casting. I’m not going to tell you who was cast to play whom but the minute you click on the link and find out which actor is playing this beloved person, you’ll be like… yup, obvious. So obvious. Who’s going to be the “cynical journalist” though? Tommy Lee Jones? (Just Jared) 
I didn’t hate Lady Gaga’s look last night at the Grammys. And so many people were talking about her hair, which is a variation on what to do with a ribbon – instead of tying it into bows, stylists are using ribbon, or any manner or string really, to stitch into the hair. It’s a cool effect….but this is blonde privilege! Because it wouldn’t have the same impact on darker hair. And before you say that you can use other colours – what, like green? Or red or orange? Then you’d have to match it to your outfit which is twee as sh-t. Black is the only colour that would work. On blondes. BOO. (Cele|bitchy) 

I think I might love every look on the Jean Paul Gaultier runway and now I’m desperate to find a pair of tights that is one leg white and one leg black. Look at the bug-eyed effect it creates! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Nicole Kidman has a hidden talent. How many of you will be able to make it through this video of her eating bugs? Bugs that are still alive. It’s hard for a lot of people, even though some researchers say this is the way of the future. That one day we’ll all be eating seasoned bugs. I’ve eaten crickets, dried crickets. They were flavoured with something, I can’t remember what. It wasn’t bad at all. I wish it had been wasabi flavoured though. You can pretend it’s wasabi peas. Wasabi peas are the best. (Vulture)