Dear Gossips, 

I have no shame. This statement refers to most of my life but specifically, today, I’m talking about the 365 Days franchise. If you’re unfamiliar (congratulations, truly, I wish I could be you and totally oblivious), the 365 Days series is referred to as the Polish Fifty Shades of Grey. The first movie came out in June 2020 and was big on Netflix. Since then there have been two sequels, the third and supposedly final installment, called The Next 365 Days, premiered this weekend. 


What’s it about? Something something she falls in love with a crime boss and …sex. If there’s more to the story, I’m too stupid to find it. And the story isn’t the point. This is exactly how these movies should be watched, LOL. 

I mean that’s 100% me but to go back to my point, that’s less of an insult to the movies than it is a reflection of how pathetic we are (those of us who are doing it) because it’s not like we go into it believing it’s going to be satisfying. That said, the redemption for 365 is in the group chat. It’s content for the group chats. For the comedy that comes through in those texts. 


“Oh no… he’s singing” is the one that sent me…

But I know it’s not just me. Because every time a new 365 Days movie hits Netflix, it’s always in the top ten. Why do we watch bad sh-t?! Is it because Netflix keeps serving it to us or does Netflix keep serving it to us because we keep watching it? The Next 365 Days is supposed to be the end of it… but that ending would suggest otherwise. 

Here’s Michele Morrone in New York the other day promoting the movie. 

Yours in gossip,