It’s a big week for the English. Wimbledon is happening. Tomorrow England plays Croatia in the World Cup semi-final. And the Queen stepped out today for the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. There was a service at Westminster Abbey followed by a flypast at Buckingham Palace. Thousands of people gathered on the mall this afternoon to watch the air show and honour those who’ve served in the RAF over the last century. Here’s a really cool shot of one of the aircraft formations:

Her Majesty was joined by senior members of her family, including of course the heir, Prince Charles, and Camilla, and also Prince William, with Princess Catherine, and Prince Harry, with Royal Meghan, enjoying her second time on the royal balcony. Note the positioning too. Meghan is right next to the Queen:


You know who else was there? In red, over in royal Siberia way off to the right? It’s OfMichael! 


Kate was not expected today as she’s still on maternity leave. But she showed up to round out the Royal Four, a united front in support of Her Majesty, just a day after Prince Trey’s christening. We had heard that Kate would be taking the summer off from official appearances with the exception of major events – obviously this qualifies as she is, after all, an Honorary Air Commandant (that’s the brooch she’s wearing). She, William, Harry, and Meghan were seen smiling at each other, looking pretty relaxed, as they arrived together at the Abbey earlier. They are the young all-stars of the royal family. They know. They know what the British papers are now excitedly creating headlines about the four of them stepping out in formation. 

Next up: Harry and Meghan are scheduled to handhold their way to Ireland for a two day tour, their first official trip abroad as a married couple. There was no handholding today but Meghan did hold on to Harry’s arm as they were heading into the service. As tactile as ever – and a trademark for them now. Something they are likely not unaware of either. Can we assume then that they want this to be their couple signature? They are the royals you go to for the romance.