The Queen hosts several Christmas events at this time of year – at least when there’s no pandemic. The pandemic is very much still happening though. Not sure if you heard but the UK is seeing record case numbers because of Omicron. But, apparently, the Queen and/or her people are really against cancelling her Christmas events. I mean, who out there wouldn’t understand if the 95-year-old monarch did not want to be exposed to a virus?! Like, who are they afraid of pissing off?! (Dlisted)  


Like the Fug Girls, I too am really confused by this shoe choice on Mandy Moore at the This Is Us premiere. But not necessarily by the colour. The colour would be better if the shoes were in a different style. A boot? Sure. I could work with that, depending on the height. An oxford? Definitely. But these pumps, I’m just so baffled by them! (Go Fug Yourself)  

People keep asking Brian Cox to talk about Jeremy Strong and he graciously keeps doing it. But the question I wish they would ask him is… was he really at the BTS concert, I NEED TO KNOW. (Cele|bitchy)  

You know about the weird segment of the internet that hates that Keanu Reeves is with Alexandra Grant, right? I get a few of the emails here and there full of conspiracies and other f-cked up sh-t. For the rest of us living in reality, the truth is that Keanu Reeves is very happy with her and according to those who know her, she’s “cool as f-ck”. (Pajiba)  

Remember a few years ago when millennials (and Meghan Markle) were being blamed for the price of avocados, or something? TikTok food trends are apparently causing food shortages. Please let there never be a TikTok food trend for Cheetos – because I don’t know what I would do with my life if I couldn’t find a bag of Cheetos. (Eater)