“In My Feelings” dance challenge… STOP. If you must, and if you want to get on a dance when it actually matters and now well past its expiry date, turn this into a dance challenge. Because it’s not only a dance challenge, it’s a language, it’s communication, it could, one day, be useful and helpful! I’m going to teach this to my ma. She’ll probably pull it out every time we go to dim-sum. (Dlisted) 

Her Majesty has a heckler. The heckler is a horse. And he not only heckles, he bites and enjoys taking a dump right in front of her. I f-cking love this story. And I think the Queen must love it too. She has to, because otherwise that horse would have been banished a long time ago. I wonder if she prefers the horse to OfMichael. I do. (Cele|bitchy) 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Maybe I’m starting to get it now. Because when he keeps the camera on himself – for ego reassurance – one of the bonuses is that he shoots away from her when she doesn’t know the words to the song. And then once he’s ready to share the spotlight again, it goes back to her for the parts of the song that she does know. Convenient. (Pop Sugar) 

The 2018 Pajiba 10 has been unveiled. And… SHOTS FIRED. They’ve declared a Best Chris. Kathleen will not be happy about the Chris who has been declared best. It’s not HER Chris. But what has her Chris (Pine) done for her lately? You can only ride Wonder Woman for a year. It’s been well over a year. And since then, well, Pajiba’s new Best Chris has come out strong with TWO entries. Never mind the Chrises though. There is no debate about the #1 person on the Pajiba 10. It’s unanimous. Excellent decision. (Pajiba) 

Drake wants “God’s Plan” to belong to him. Apparently there’s going to be a “God’s Plan” game show? I hope his game show premieres around the same time as Justin Timberlake’s game show. Because, well, Drake is well out-selling JT in music. And it would be so satisfying if he could continue that fact in other entertainment streams. (TMZ) 

Like Scarlett Johansson, I’ve definitely had a Josh Hartnett moment, have you? My Josh Hartnett moment lasted about 40 Days and 40 Nights. Corny, I know. But that was the movie. He was so f-cking hot in that movie! (The Ringer)