If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong and Japan, you’re probably familiar with the fast food culture. Like, you know how you have to be pretty desperate to go near the “hot food” section at the 7-Eleven? In Hong Kong though? The hot food, the packaged food, all the f-cking food is delicious at the 7-Eleven. I’ve been to HK more but it’s pretty much the same in Japan. Fast food is DELICIOUS over there – so f-ck yeah I would try this chicken. (Dlisted) 

The Rock is apparently an Easter Grinch – in that he gives, it’s just that there’s no candy. Which I get. Kids + Candy can result in a madhouse. Question: does his no candy policy apply to Halloween? What does he do then? (Cele|bitchy) 

Gigi Hadid’s birthday was a trend signal, I guess? Jeans, all jeans, jeans everywhere. But you’ll note – no skinny jeans. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Ang Lee directs Will Smith in Gemini Man, due out in October. Those are two big names so, naturally, there are some expectations. I don’t remember hearing much about this and that might be a good thing. Come in low on hype and surprise people? Will Smith movies can be hit or miss – that’s an understatement. But maybe he’s due for a hit? Depends on how you define “hit”? Bright was not a great movie but Netflix says A LOT of people watched it, so they consider it a “hit”. How will Gemini Man be categorised? (Pajiba) 

I really, really, really wish I was there, in person, when Nicolas Cage got on the mic at karaoke to sing "Purple Rain". He sang it with FEELING. I know, I know, his personal life is a mess right now. But you can’t deny he’s entertaining. I’d love to have a conversation with him. I feel like he would rearrange my brain. (TMZ) 

It’s not a good sign when people are starting to write articles in memory of the direwolves. If Ghost dies before f-cking Jorah Mormont I’m going to….what? Empty threats are all I can issue now because obviously I’m not going to stop watching. F-ck you, Game of Thrones. (Vulture)