As mentioned, it’s Victoria Day in Canada today, a holiday. So we’re cutting out early as I have to catch a flight home to Toronto. We’ll be back on regular schedule tomorrow. But first…

We’ve posted three article about Game of Thrones and we haven’t given enough love to Ghost. Here’s me being asshole and quoting myself from last Monday:

After what Jon just saw in King’s Landing, after what he’ll now have to do to address what he just saw in King’s Landing, there’s no way he’s ever going back there again. Here’s to Jon returning to the love of his life, the one he’ll always be able to count on, his faithful forever, his direwolf. 

You know, for all their excuses about CGI and that being the challenge where the direwolves were concerned on the show, what I’ve always said about Ghost and why he meant so much to say many people is specifically because of how WELL they’d rendered him up to this point. Look at the expression on Ghost’s face and the loyalty in his eyes in this shot? It’s recognisable to anyone who loves their animal companions and that’s the promise they make to you: I’ll never be the one to let you down. 


I’m not crying, you’re crying!

I was offline more than I usually am for the long weekend so I haven’t caught up with all the f-ckery that happened at Eurovision but maybe I don’t want or need to know any more than this performance – not by one of the contestants but by their sign language interpreter! She is a FORCE! And if she ever accompanied, say, Maroon 5 on any one of their songs, maybe I’d like their music more. (Dlisted) 

I wasn’t feeling the Madonna holograms at the Billboard Music Awards a couple of weeks ago. I am definitely not feeling this piece of news: Whitney Houston’s hologram will be going on tour? STOP THIS, is what I want to say. But it sounds like the idea can’t be stopped. And reassurances about it not being a “fast food brand relationship” aren’t helping. (Jezebel) 

First it was a coffee cup, now it’s water bottles – there was another editing oversight on Game of Thrones last night which… we’ve heard about how gruelling the shoot was on the actors being the cold for so long and whatever but the whole process was also probably gruelling for the editors and at this point, I’m kinda like, that was the least of the problems, you know? (Just Jared) 

Wait what? Last week we saw pap photos of Jennifer Garner and her boyfriend John Miller looking happy and relaxed. Now the latest is that they’re stepping back from the relationship. Is this a reaction to the photos and how they were received? Weren’t they well-received? (Cele|bitchy) 

I said the other day that I didn’t know if anyone could top Elle Fanning’s dress on the red carpet in Cannes this year. Spoke too soon. Have you seen Deepika Padukone’s Giambattista Valli? That is a LOT of tulle. And in a pretty aggressive colour too. But this is Cannes. If you’re going to go balls out in tulle anywhere in the world, Cannes would be it. (Go Fug Yourself)

A reader called Adriana sent me this Scientific American link about the change in writing style on Game of Thrones and how it went from “sociological” to “psychological” and why that’s the reason so many people are having problem with it. Agree or disagree? (Scientific American)