Dear Gossips,

On New Year’s Day a few weeks ago, my ma was hospitalised with pneumonia. She was there for almost two weeks and in that time, dad and I were rotating shifts to visit her. One day, after picking up food, just before heading downtown to see her, dad fell on the sidewalk and busted up half his face. He’d been acting weird for a while, becoming easily disoriented, forgetful, prone to unusual outbursts, and silent for long stretches of time. I was worried it was the onset of dementia so I made an appointment for him to begin diagnostics. The tests came back OK. What he was experiencing was anxiety, stress, depression. For two decades now, dad has been ma’s primary caregiver. She is disabled, lives with POEMS, an incurable disease, so he too is in and out of the hospital, because she’s in and out of the hospital. Not only is he constantly worried about her, he feels the daily pressure of having to stay fit so that he can be around to look after her. The weight of it all is exhausting. 

Dad didn’t grow up in a culture of communication. They didn’t talk about their pain and their fears. They didn’t know about mental health. 

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day in support of mental health initiatives. 


Please reach out. Please share. Please, let’s keep talking. 

Let’s talk now about the 12 Days of Lunar New Year and our feature sign, the Goat. 

Three lucky stars are working against two dark stars this year for the Goat who may enjoy power, career  and financial success but things might also move too quickly, happen too fast which could lead to the Goat losing focus. The Goat must stay on track this year and not get distracted. Because good luck can attract usurpers. There’s a backstabber alert. People will try to get close to you and you are advised not to trust too easily. Because people could be a problem for the Goat in the Year of the Pig. Some will frustrate you. Some will be jealous of you. So as you’re riding the upswing, try not to flash and flex too hard – attention will only make you a bigger target. The key is being humble. 

1943 Goats should be mindful of health and avoid getting mixed up in other people’s drama. 

1955 Goats could be presented with many new opportunities. It may be a good idea to teach. 

1967 Goats may see financial gains but there might also be pressure at work. Exercise often and find balance. 

1979 Goats could experience a competitive year. You are always up for the challenge but be cautious of petty people. And also look out for the health of your family members. Celebrate your birthday. Not a big party but make sure you observe it with family and or friends. 

Relationships and romance seem to be stable for all Goats this year but if you are dating, don’t let a third party ruin a developing situation. That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s infidelity involved either. It could also be mouthy ass people jamming themselves into your business. 

Female Goats should be mindful of their mental health. Northwest is a better direction for you this year. Head there for respite. Avoid Southwest and Northeast.

All Goats are advised to check their anger – don’t lose your temper and stay away from conflict. Conflict is a luck repeller. 

In May and June there’s the possibility of conflict with a business partner. Stay calm and avoid drama.

In June and July you should consider resting more. There’s a higher risk of cuts and injury. 

In November and December, a petty person might cause trouble. You’re doing well, so don’t give them their space. Otherwise they will steal your luck and it’ll have an impact on your finances next January and February so keep your eyes open for this luck usurper and steer clear. 

Up next tomorrow: Monkey

Yours in gossip,