Dear Gossips,

You know what movie came out 20 years ago today? 

She’s All That. Laney Boggs and Zack Siler topped the box office on its first weekend, went on to make over $100 million, and became a 90s teen classic. Like so much of pop culture from the era, it doesn’t hold up all that well. But think about the song you’ll always associate with it (“strike up the band and make the fireflies dance, silver moon sparkling…”) and who was in it: Paul Walker, Usher, Dulé Hill, Lil Kim (!!!), Anna Paquin, Clea DuVall, Milo Ventimiglia (blink and you’ll miss him), Kieran Culkin, and Gabrielle Union led by the Timothee Chalamet of his time, Freddie Prinze Jr, and Rachael Leigh Cook. E! just posted a Laney Boggs retrospective with her this morning. Obviously I’m watching it tonight.

Time for the 12 Days of Lunar New Year and today’s sign: the Horse. 

There’s a kindness star that’s guiding the Horse during the Year of the Pig. That kindness star reacts to your own kindness so the Horse is encouraged to give back to others. It will make the star even brighter as it lights your path. As the Horse gets brighter though, potentially attracting more money, it can also draw the negative kind of attention. And temptation. Horses must be careful to not be lured. It’s slippery out there, especially for winter-born Horses. Be very careful driving. 

1966 Horses will be busy at work. Remember to rest and find balance. 

1978 Horses could encounter professional competition. Take things step by step. Do not rush through your work. Male Horses born this year may have a hurdle to cross. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries – don’t go all out but make sure you’re around people who love you. 

1990 Horses might have benefactors supporting them, adding to their shine. Be grateful to the ones who help you. 

All Horses, again, should be mindful of temptation. Do not let distractions affect your relationships. It could wash out your luck. September and next February are ideal times to get married. Horses born in fall and winter should watch what they eat. Feed your body with good things. 

In February and March you may have challenges in your friendships and other personal relationships. Be clear with your boundaries and stick to your decisions. 

In March and April, it’s a good time to party, celebrate. Be around festiveness. 

In August and December, if you are going abroad, you are advised to be vigilant about personal safety. Drive carefully, whether it’s at home or when you’re travelling. Rest more than you think you need. Reduce stress.  

Between December 7 and January 5 in particular, especially if you are a winter-born Horse, observe extra caution when you are travelling and, if possible, keep your home very, very clean. 

All Horses should see a doctor at the beginning of the year for routine checkups and bloodwork and don’t forget about that kindness star. When you help others, you help yourself. 

Heads up for tomorrow: Goat

Yours in gossip,