Dear Gossips,

Oh, so have you heard? The Masked Singer, the crazy ass show I’m obsessed with, is the highest rated new show this season and Fox’s highest rated non-scripted debut in seven years. So of course it’s been renewed for a second season. Now that people know how it works, and how popular it is, how many more celebrities will they be able to attract? Tori Spelling, the Unicorn, was unmasked last night. La Toya Jackson is still in it – she HAS TO BE the Alien – and I’m totally confused now about the Rabbit who I was sure was JC Chasez and then thought it might be Joey Fatone but that “magic” clue is a total f-cking mystery now and is the Lion a Spice Girl? And don’t forget about Gladys Knight, the Bee, OMGGG!

Here’s the thing though about the second season: will they keep the same judges? Social media hates the judges and, well, some of the sh-t they come up with is indeed stupid AF. Like they keep guessing Beyoncé. In what world is Beyoncé ever going to be on The Masked Singer, GOD.

Anyway, if you’re watching, and I know you’re out there because, again, it’s the biggest debut of the season, and you’re curious about how they keep the secrets and put together the costumes and the routines etc, E! News talked to the showrunner, Izzie Pick Ibarra, about how the show works. I’m not kidding, I would totally write for The Masked Singer. Like the clue edits, those minute-long pre-taped packages that are supposed to guide you to the identities and throw you off at the same time. IT’S A BLIND RIDDLE!

For now, let’s go back to the 12 Days of Lunar New Year and the Monkey’s forecast for the Year of the Pig. There are four stars protecting the Monkey this year and a young Monkey might see the beginning of career and financial advancement. But two dark stars will hover and they could bring on legal issues. Be mindful of this when you seek the spotlight. Monkeys want their shine this year, and freedom too. And Monkeys will have more than enough opportunities presented to them. Consider carefully the options that are right for you. Don’t force through what you think you want over and above what’s reasonable. Pushing for things will only make them more elusive. For Monkeys, it’s a good idea during the Year of the Pig if you are spiritual to reconnect with your faith. If you are not spiritual, taking time to clear your mind and meditating, spending time in community and volunteering will help too. The problems that have been vexing you should resolve.     

1956 Monkeys should prioritise health and avoid overextending themselves. 

1968 Monkeys may find they have a lot of extra energy this year and you’ll want to do it all. Mind your finances though. Don’t overspend. 

1992 Monkeys are advised to celebrate their birthdays. Doesn’t have to be a blowout, but have your family and friends around you, surround yourself with love and support. 

2004 Monkeys could experience a renewed interest in their studies but should be careful making friends. Spending time with the wrong people could derail your goals. 

Relationships could be volatile for Monkeys this year. There’s a fight risk. There may be a lot of tension. 

Minor legal skirmishes might affect your mental health. Try to reduce stress as much as possible – stay fit, hit the gym, rest, relax, take care of your body and your mind. 

Sometimes, in some years, ambition and luck don’t match up. This year though, for Monkeys, ambition is good. You can go for it but only after you assess all your options, think things through thoroughly. 
Ambition is one thing but you still have to be prepared. 

In February and March, look out for those new opportunities but do not rush and do not be greedy. 

In June and July, pay attention to the signals your body is sending you as small health matters might mean you’ll have to spend some money to take care of them. Kick back as much as you can. 

Fitness and spirituality are key to Monkey luck this year. Keep your body strong, be kind to your mind, and feed your soul. 

Tomorrow: Rooster.

Yours in gossip,