Dear Gossips,

Busy night last night with the SAG Awards and Rent: Live and Sundance happening at the same time. So we’re starting with some SAG content with me and Sarah, then switching over to Rent for a couple of posts from Duana and Kathleen, then going back to the SAGs, concurrent with Sundance coverage. It’ll be a busy day on the blog today and we’ve started early so please scroll to get caught up on all posts. Also, Duana and Kathleen live-blogged the Rent broadcast last night and if you’d like to revisit the chat, please click here, it just takes a few seconds to load. THANK YOU to everyone who participated! By the end of it, there was a LOT of sobbing. I had to be told by Duana and Kathleen over text that they Facetimed each other just to cry, at which point I replied – how is this news? They were always going to cry. 

I almost cried when Black Panther won the SAG equivalent of Best Picture. We’ve been saying it’s the tightest Oscar race in years. And it really, really is. Several major categories, including Best Picture, look as unpredictable as ever. 

But first, before we get to all that, just want to mention that Rumer Willis was at the SAGs last night and I care about this because she was asked on the red carpet whether or not she’s the Lion on The Masked Singer and she denied it. What?! Almost everyone thinks it’s her with all those clues – especially the “Hailey, Idaho” clue. So is she just playing, or is it someone else entirely? Why am I so obsessed with this show?! 

Next – it’s the Snake’s turn in the 12 Days of Lunar New Year. If you don’t know what this means or if you need to get caught up on the previous forecasts, please visit the main page. For the Snake during the Year of the Pig, everything is unpredictable, like the Oscar race. This might make you anxious and you’ll also be kept busy by the winged horse that wants to keep moving. So you may want to be open to changes, to shake up your luck. Change can redirect luck and it could mean a career move or a physical move or a major redirection in perspective. The point is – Snakes, especially Snakes born in the summer, should lean into their best asset: adaptability. 

It is recommended that Snakes stay healthy this year, mentally and physically. Exercise whenever you can. This is the priority. Because there are four dark stars that could mess with your thoughts, your clarity, and it could be difficult to make decisions, especially when it rains, since this is a water year and too much water will drown out your luck. Get out in the sun whenever you can. Watch for cuts and minor injuries. You may want to prepare for a dilemma. 

1953 Snakes must be really good to their bodies and their minds. Rest, meditate, relax, sleep. Reduce as much stress as you can. 

1977 Snakes will be non-stop during the Year of the Pig. SO busy, so much going on. You’ll want to do it all. But stay focused, do not be easily distracted. Make safety a priority or you may get hurt if you’re not paying attention. 

1989 Snakes should be extra careful driving. Put your head down and get to work, work out, stay fit. And when you encounter obstacles, don’t hide but rather share with others, talk through and vent your frustrations. Don’t try to conquer them alone. 

There could be romance and relationship changes for all Snakes this year. Try not to force things or make major commitments. Otherwise, you may risk temptation. 

In March and April, Snakes may feel lonely and low. Listen to your body and rest, even if it means missed opportunities. Don’t stress about not taking them. 

Through the second half of the year, August, September, and October especially, keep an eye on legal matters and contracts. If you get a speeding ticket, or are assessed a minor infraction, let it go. Remember that small sh-t may not be sh-t at all. The small inconveniences may block the bigger ones. 

At the beginning of the year, see the doctor, get your bloodwork done, give back to others, and if you are spiritual, reconnect with your faith. Donations are a very good idea this year, especially before February 2020. All Snakes should be vigilant in the car. And be mindful of internal health – bladders, intestines, etc. 

For Snakes, this is a year to harvest, not a year to hit the accelerator. Sometimes it’s best to secure the foundation, to take the foot off the gas and conserve. Go time can’t happen every year and you can’t have go time without prep time. So even though this may not be the year to be aggressive, look at this year as a recharge so that you’ll be ready for full blast once your luck is on the rise. 

Tomorrow: Horse. 

Yours in gossip,