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Dear Gossips,

Back in August, I linked in this space to a piece in The Cut about Zitomer, the “Upper East Side pharmacy-slash-department store” in New York and several of its customers. The Zitomer ladies became an online obsession and so, just in time for the holidays, The Strategist is checking in on them about what they want and what they’re giving this holiday season. 

My girl Trudy is asking for a pair of tap shoes. Because at 73, she’s thinking about retiring soon (!) and when she does, she’s going to take lessons. 

“I don’t think I’m making a career out of this — my aspiration is not to become a Rockette — but you never know.”

What did I say?! I told you last time: do not sleep on Trudy! Trudy is a woman with all the secrets! She will manifest these dreams! 

But Lynn B Goddess is the one with the best quotes. Lynn wants a Tiffany T bracelet this year, “in extra small, of course”. LOLOLOLOLOL. 

She would only, however, wear it to dinner every evening. First of all, obviously, Lynn B Goddess is the kind of woman who goes “to dinner” every evening. Lately, in the evening, while you’re in your sweatpants, Lynn B Goddess is really into gold or platinum. I wish I could be friends with her but I’m not sure I could keep up. 

Check out The Strategist for more on the Zitomer ladies. 

Yours in gossip,


Kyle Dorosz/ The Cut

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