This report in the Sun about Prince Harry’s memoir is making me laugh because they’re side-eyeing how many drafts of the book Harry and his publishers sent back and forth which…is actually how writing and editing works? A first draft is never perfect. A third draft is rarely perfect! But maybe that’s a foreign concept to the Sun because, well, their editorial process is suspect at best. (Cele|bitchy) 


I couldn’t get past this photo to read what this post is about – something something Alec and Hilaria Baldwin having more kids or not having more kids. It’s the pose, the pose is revolting. Specifically him, behind her, looking like he’s smelling her with his eyes closed. I can’t. (Dlisted) 

Heidi Klum is the exact opposite of me and her big thing is Halloween. And yes, while I was over Halloween before October even started, let’s give her some credit for this kind of commitment because… she spent hours in this thing. This gross thing that is too f-cking realistic, I can’t stop looking in the same way that I can’t stop looking at pimple popping and other extraction videos. Also I’m claustrophobic so I would have freaked the f-ck out in this costume and, again, she was in there for HOURS. (Go Fug Yourself) 


James Corden appears to have ripped off a Ricky Gervais joke. And I do like Andrew Sanford’s theory here about James’s writers and like so many others, I do wonder about his relationship with them. (Pajiba) 

I was just saying to my friend the other day that Sicily is having a moment. The second season of The White Lotus is set in Sicily. And if you’ve been watching From Scratch on Netflix, you’re familiar with the heavy Sicilian content. So now, for those of you planning a trip to Sicily, Vogue just put together a guide. (Vogue)