Dear Gossips,   

“I hope I did you proud, Mummy.”

If you read this headline without knowing who it was about, who would you think it was about? Who would you think this quote would be attributed to? 


Any chance it would be the future king of England? Because that’s the pretend quote that the Sun decided to put on its cover, in reference to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles: 

Prince Charles covers The Sun

Super f-cking cringe. 

The intention here is to portray Charles as a loving, dutiful son, present him to their readers, the British public, as a worthy heir to the Queen; they are trying to be helpful. Is it though? Are we sure this was the best way to help? 


Prince Charles is 73 years old. He subbed in for his mother yesterday in Parliament as the interim leader for the head of the family, a family – and family business – he will lead one day when he becomes the monarch. Why are you making a leader talk like a baby?!

Yesterday was a historic occasion, a big ass deal for Charles as he gets closer and closer to his royal birthright. By British royal standards, the significance of the moment cannot be overstated. If you’re Prince Charles, though, knowing the importance of the occasion, knowing too how long he’s been waiting to be king, and his giant ego, are you happy with how the Sun has chosen to highlight the scene? What’s the point of the “invisible contract”, the not-so-secret marriage between the media and monarchy if they’re going to put you on the cover with that kind of headline, LOL? 

Yours in gossip,