I need to start this post with an apology to Mare Winningham and Kaitlyn Dever, both of whom were in Dopesick, but who must have known, when they saw the Best Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie, that there was absolutely no chance they were getting any airtime tonight. 


It turned out that they were right. 

In another world, a situation where FIVE actresses from one show are nominated in the same category would almost certainly cancel them all out, but the show is The White Lotus and the winner was Jennifer Coolidge, and those two facts instead mean that The White Lotus, one of the night’s biggest winners, gets a bit of a fashion parade. 

There’s no word more overused than ‘stunning’, when it comes to a look, maybe because it covers a multitude of angles and sins, but even allowing for that, this is a pretty spectacular dress. I would never, and could never, but it’s Alexandra Daddario, so even the rec-room décor of the sawdust-coloured carpet sets off her looks. She looks amazing. 


Sydney Sweeney also looks great, but considering what she could have chosen, and that she was a double nominee (and frankly, pretty great, I don’t love Euphoria but I enjoyed her in TWL), this dress screams ‘please think of me as demure (and also it’s my birthday, be nice)’. 

It’s a nice dress, not all that memorable… as for whether it accomplished what it was supposed to? Well… 


Connie Britton, who has always loved a red dress at an awards show, went for a twist with hot pink and a cape, so definitely a step up in the drama department, and a very welcome one. I don’t know for sure if she twirled it around while Mike White was accepting for the ensemble but I hope she at least took the long way to the stage so it got some airtime. 

It’s good she went with the pink, though, because the entire jurisdiction of ‘red dress’ belonged to Natasha Rothwell, in what might rival Lizzo for the best red of the night. She looks incredibly happy in it, which is particularly good because she wound up being in almost every shot of the night from her chair at the White Lotus table:  


And finally, there is Jennifer Coolidge. I would love to say that if I were nominated I would wear something sleek and chic and ice blue or taupe or black and understated, but honestly, anyone who knows me understands that between the green and the WAY TOO MUCH of it all, there’s nothing I would choose to wear over this dress. It’s perfect. She’s perfect. In her own words, she’s… full. 

I love her speech, dance and all, and the only thing I’d change is her thinking that she had to rush and be flustered, that it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, because I think she’ll be back. We’re so done with the polished and the practiced that someone who refuses to be played off is now everyone’s favourite – and since she’ll be back on The White Lotus Season II, in theory she’ll have another chance to be back here to defend her title of, if not best speech of the night, definitely the funniest. 

Oh, and – was it around now that the censors gave up trying to bleep all the profanity? Because I can think of about a dozen that got through, and only Michael Keaton’s up top got a proper beeping; can we just give in already on all the words we all know everyone already knows?