Dear Gossips,

Here’s one advantage to being a time zone ahead of your friends: you wake up to start your day just as they’re ending the previous one and you get to jump in last on a debate. You and your friends are probably having the same one. It’s the same one the whole ass internet is having: Yanny or Laurel? 

Um, it’s LAUREL. 


And just as it was with the Great Dress Debate of 2015 (the actual dress was actually black/blue, THE WAY I SAW IT), there is a correct answer. The correct answer is LAUREL. OBVIOUSLY. You people who are hearing Yanny can see yourself out. I’m talking to Duana and Sarah, our resident contrarians.

So I guess that’s how the rest of the day is going then. We are, once again, divided. 

As mentioned yesterday, I’m on the road this week with etalk and today is a heavy shoot day. I have a couple of windows here and a few posts have been prepared in advance but mostly I’ll be writing royal wedding updates on the fly with Kathleen and Sarah covering the rest. What’s important though is…


Yours in gossip,