Back in December, we saw a trailer for a new Adam Driver movie called 65, in which Adam Driver fights a dinosaur. I called it cashing in, which is okay because this mountainous man puts up with a lot from us, the thirsty internet, and in exchange for not swatting us like gnats with his beefy palms, we’ll look the other way when he does an obvious paycheck movie, like 65.



I mean, it looks dumb as sh-t, but if it’s fun, who cares? We can have a dumb fun movie, as a little treat. Driver also did a Super Bowl commercial for Squarespace (this is not Driver’s first Super Bowl commercial, he did one for Snickers a few years ago), taking over from Keanu Reeves, and as is Squarespace’s wont, the commercial is surreal. The singularity is a website that makes websites, and infinite Adam Drivers. It has a very Matrix, Agent Smith vibe with all the suited Adam Drivers.


 Also, why is our visual concept of a singularity always a butthole? What does it say about us, as a species, that we repeatedly envision our cosmic destruction as a space butthole? Make a commercial about that, Squarespace.


But the best part of the new Squarespace ad is the fake “behind the scenes” video.



I love Sunglasses Driver, which seems to be a play on Driver’s reputation for spiky interviews that he fully leans into, both as Sunglasses Driver and Regular Driver, lowkey laughing at Sunglasses Driver. But my favorite is Simple Driver. It’s a common trope in multiplicity tales, that the more copies of a person are made, the dumber they become, but it’s so wholesome here. Simple Driver just knows he’s here for websites, and I love that for him, and so does Regular Driver, trying to talk to him like Simple Driver has any idea what’s going on. I think of all the commercials, this might be my favorite, but just for this behind-the-scenes video. It’s such a good concept, executed so well. It almost seems like an SNL sketch, because SNL is always good when Adam Driver is on. Maybe he can close the loop and host an episode to promote 65