This is so f-cking cute and wholesome so of course it’s a story about animals. A dog called Gue has her own support dog called Chew to be with her during hernia treatments and in our home, our dogs are support dogs for each other too. Because they’re naturally pack animals, and they keep each other company. Sometimes I think there’s more humanity in dogs than in humans. (Dlisted)


I was wondering what this surprise would be that the Fug Girls teased in this Chloë Grace Moretz post and…yep, I was surprised. I also don’t think I can defend it, and I can defend a lot of weird fashion but this isn’t doing it for me, maybe because it’s just a pink version of a bumblebee outfit? Do  you see it too (Go Fug Yourself)

I do not categorise this as fashion or style. This is a stunt. And it may require a stunt person to wear them because… how could you not trip while wearing these ridiculous “shoes”? They’re much longer than your own foot! Navigating your footsteps would not be natural. Accidents might happen to accident-prone people… like me! (OMG! Blog)

Julia Roberts wore pink to the premiere of Ticket to Paradise and I’m surprised at the restraint being shown by people who have resisted the urge to say something about Pretty Woman in pink which I just did so I guess I’m a basic bitch which… is Barbiecore pink becoming basic? (Celebitchy)

I’ve watched an episode of Welcome to Wrexham and really, really liked it but that was back in September when you had the buy the episodes individually. Last week they became available on Disney+ so that’s what we’re doing tonight and it sounds like the final episode is GREAT TV.  (Pajiba)