Quiet Luxury was one of the biggest style trends of 2023. Quiet luxury is stealth wealth, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow and the Roy family on Succession. As I said back in August, the undercurrent in the quiet luxury trend for those who adopt it is a statement against loud luxury – as in wearing your wealth, in the form of double Cs and Gs – and a distancing from the people who do so. This is class distinction. Quiet luxury is for those who know. If you know, you know. And if you know, you’re one of them. It’s a secret handshake, a code, a whistle if you will. And it is absolutely classist. 


On that note… 

To the Wales Family Christmas Card. Because for once Princess Kate is on a trend while it’s still a trend. 


White shirts and denim in black and white. As if to say, we’re so classic, we don’t need colour. And however you want to read that statement, by all means, read it. It works on multiple levels. It’s giving “we have offshore accounts and a lot of horses”, LOL. 

But it’s also giving, we are fun and loose! Look at our unbuttoned collars and our future king with his shirtsleeves rolled up! 

This is the Wales’s version of “festive”, I guess? Nothing about it, at least to me, screams “holiday season” but with all their titles and land, and protection, both in the form of actual guards and their tabloid foot soldiers, every day is a holiday. 


And on those note, did you see the Daily Mail’s headline the other day? 

Headline in The Daily Mail

“A ROYALLY WHITE CHRISTMAS” – it wasn’t snowing and only two out of the eight royals pictured were wearing white. What do you think they could have possibly meant?!