The Oscars are now just 48 hours away and there are already some possible controversies. First, we don’t know exactly who will show up with reports that there are still some people, and some nominees, who might be out with COVID. Then there’s the whole debate about cutting categories from the live broadcast and whether or not the stars who do show will even walk the carpet, or if like Jessica Chastain suggested, they’ll go straight inside, skip the carpet, and support their colleagues. And now there’s a rumour that some people might hold their Oscars upside down in protest. Thumbs down, Oscar down? Will this actually happen? In my Oscar experience, the promise of Oscar drama usually results in an Oscar nothingburger. Let’s see how this plays out on Sunday. (Dlisted)


In other Oscars news, the gift bag contents this year have been revealed. There’s a trip to a Scottish castle that’s included. And a lot of beauty products. (PopSugar) 

You can always count on Kate Beckinsale to do the most on a red carpet, and sometimes she doesn’t even need a red carpet, she’ll just show up dressed for one while everyone else is in joggers. I used to mock her for this. But, as usual, I was wrong, and she knew, she always knew. That there would come a time when we would miss her doing the most. And now, she can do the most whenever she wants, which is all the time. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince Andrew is arrogant. Some people are learning this for the first time?! (Cele|bitchy) 

A lot of trendy food shots lately look like sh-t, literally. The fancier word for it is “poop swirl”. I love a poop swirl. And all these food shots look delicious to me. Now I have a craving for chocolate mousse. (Eater)