There will be no season two of The Idol – or if there is, it won’t be on HBO Just Max. You know how they could have improved it though? I’m sorry to say but if Tedros was played by someone else and not Abel The Weeknd, I feel like there could have been a chance to save it. He was out-acted by everyone on that show. (Cele|bitchy) 


There’s a new Liam Neeson movie out called Retribution and as Miles Surrey hilariously writes, “it’s become increasingly clear that the actor is incapable of signing up for a movie in which his character doesn’t find himself and/or his family in mortal danger”. (The Ringer) 

This is a great dress on Tiffany Haddish – I love the pattern and all the different colours and the higher collar. Disagree though on the shoe choice. The Fug Girls are saying it’s a smart one but I would use a different word: safe. It’s a safe choice. In other words…boring. I get it, it matches, but it’s boring. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Reddit is asking about worst dates and while I have been on some bad dates, I don’t think any of my bad date stories rank against the ones I’ve heard. Or the one that my husband was responsible for which is that he once met a girl at the club and asked her to meet up the next day and regretted it so on their date, he picked her up, took her to McDonald’s drive-thru, ate in the car, and then took her home. Also the first date stories I’ve been hearing from people who are single right now are wild. One woman I know told me she met someone on Tinder and on their first date the dude was like, let’s go anal. Is that how it works now?! (Pajiba) 

I read this headline and thought it was another incident of some fan doing some dumb sh-t at a concert like throwing a phone or their dog’s ashes but instead I was treated to a horror movie, WHAT THE F-CK. Have you heard about what Miguel just did at his show? (The Cut)