Dear Gossips,   

Apologies about today because we will not be posting. Our dog, Barney, tore his CCL last week and had major surgery yesterday to repair it at a veterinary hospital out of town. This didn’t have an impact on the work schedule yesterday during the operation but we did not anticipate how rough the first night and day after would be. Otherwise Sarah would have been editing today. 


So the Show Your Work takeaway here is that we were unprepared and unrealistic about our management plan for how to balance Barney’s situation and the maintenance of the site, resulting in what will have to be a lost day of coverage here at LaineyGossip. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and I am confident that by tomorrow we’ll have figured our sh-t out and can resume regular gossip programming. 

Over at The Squawk, however, our weekly Tuesday newsletter (which is about Lunar New Year and fate and dragons!) will still be sent out later today to paid subscribers as that was prepared in advance. And I’ll be popping into the daily chat here and there when Barney gets more comfortable. Here he is right after surgery yesterday. If you’re interested, swipe through the carousel to see more, including a shot of Jacek looking rough af this morning after sleeping on the floor with him all night. 


We are SO grateful to Dr Jim Turpel and the team at Upper Canada Animal Hospital for looking after Barney so thoughtfully. Veterinary professionals are rock stars.

Again, we apologise for the interruption and we promise to be back in full effect tomorrow. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos of Zendaya in Mexico as she and the cast of Dune begin international promotion. She’s wearing custom Torishéju who just showed at Paris Fashion Week for the first time last fall


As usual, this is Law Roach wizardry – not only producing a look that works for the vibe of the film but also highlighting the work of an emerging talent in the industry. For any designer, no matter if they’re already established or just beginning, being worn by Zendaya, a global fashion icon, is a major accomplishment. 

Thanks again for your understanding and we’ll return with more tomorrow. 

Yours in gossip,