You may have seen this trending on Twitter all day – there’s a rumour going around that My Obsession, Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are no more. There is NOTHING to substantiate this. Twitter seems to be going wild without anything solid to base it on. And much of the reaction is really mean. Sam and Aaron are apparently selling their home. Aaron quit his Instagram last year but Sam still has hers and she just posted a shot of him last week, with a heart emoji. Also it was announced in March that she’s directing him in a new movie. Hopefully Twitter is just up to its usual bullsh-t. (Cele|bitchy)


Justin Bieber has dreadlocks again and now I’m wondering how long it’ll be before he and Chet Hanks are friends. The first time I wrote that sentence, I called Chet Hanks “Chet Haze”. Is that a thing? Why did my brain do that? (Note from Emily: your brain did that because his rap name is Chet Haze). Anyway, whatever. The point is, there’s some destiny between them, non? (Dlisted) 

Sophie Turner’s entire outfit scares me because more and more we are going back 20-ish years to the fashion from that period. And it’s the shoes that frighten me most. I hate a square toe sandal. That top is great though. Can we keep the top and not revive everything else? Also can I jack Joe Jonas’s outfit? I love it from head to toe. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Can’t believe we are over a year in this sh-t and there are people like Tucker Carlson who are still attacking masks. And now he’s comparing a child wearing a mask to abuse?! Masks in the west, as they have been in the east, are going to be a regular part of our lives now. Masks don’t hurt people! Viruses hurt people! Why is it so hard to agree on this?! (Pajiba) 

Yao Pan Ma is 61 years old, and he was attacked in New York last Friday for… being Asian. He’d lost his job last year and has been collecting cans to make money. Now he’s in a coma, the police are investigating it as a hate crime, and anti-Asian racism continues to surge in North America. Details about how to help Yao are in this link. (PEOPLE)