Australia voted. And the majority said YES to gay marriage. The majority was 62%. Who are the minority? Is the minority Mel Gibson? Whoever the minority is, they’re going to try to stop the change to Australia’s Marriage Act but the Prime Minister is moving ahead and it should be a happy Christmas for Australia’s LGBTQ+ community. Including Luke and George. Who are adorable. But I want them to find better dresses. Rosettes are so done, you know? (Dlisted)

Sparkly shoes are a thing right now. It’s the season. But it’s extra this season. Sparkles are coming in all shoe forms. That’s the key here for me. I’m not big on a sparkle pump. If I’m going to entertain sparkles on my shoes, I would most likely go with a sneaker. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Oh look. A third woman has come forward accusing Ed Westwick of sexual misconduct. So, even though one should be enough, once again, it’s more than one. Remember when he called his first victim, Kristina Cohen, “this woman”? What will it be now? “These women”? “Those women”? All of them are liars? All of them are exploiters? Is that really the story here? (Cele|bitchy) 

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, this is a repeat for you: I love an online quiz. I try. I TRY not to click. But every time Buzzfeed posts one, I can’t stop myself. HELP ME. But first. Do the quiz. I did not achieve “genius”. But I did get a “not bad at all”. That seems patronising to me. (Buzzfeed)

This past TIFF, I made it through the entire festival without wearing heels once on the red carpet. We are living at a time when formal foot wear for women does not have to be a heel. And this applies to work as well. Please enjoy this article that appreciates the loafer, a shoe style that belongs in every closet. If you do not have a pair of loafers, I encourage you to make it happen. (The Cut) 

Elon Musk is on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone. It’s a fascinating read, and not just the part about Amber Heard breaking up with him. I can’t decide if he is actually a lonely billionaire of if he’s trying to take on the persona of one. The Lonely Billionaire is what I would have titled this piece. Basically Elon says he’s not happy when he’s alone. And, right now, he’s desperately alone. (Rolling Stone)