Dear Gossips,

Thirty years ago next week, a little movie with no expectations became one of the biggest movies of the year and went on to become one of the most famous movies of all time. It was Dirty Dancing. If you were around then, and you saw Dirty Dancing in theatres, you probably remember the joy you felt when it was over. And how much you wanted to see it again. Which, if you were like me, you did. Several times, perhaps even the same day.

Over the years there have been Dirty Dancing imitators and Dirty Dancing sequels and a crazy ass Dirty Dancing television remake but none of them have been able to capture, for me at least, that euphoria-mixed-with-summer-sadness that made the original so special. But there’s a new movie that has nothing to with Dirty Dancing that is giving me the same feels.

Thirty years later, STEP is giving me those feels. STEP is a documentary about three young women in Baltimore who are teammates on their high school step team in their senior year. Blessin, Cori, and Tayla are trying to find their motivation, their voices, their potential, their futures. Like Dirty Dancing, STEP is a film about dreams – and how dreams are more accessible to some but not to others. Like Dirty Dancing, STEP is a film about opportunity and class, what happens when opportunity and class limit lives and also what happens when those limits are confronted and challenged. Like Dirty Dancing, STEP is a film about friendship. About showing up for each other and showing up for yourself. And like Dirty Dancing, STEP is a film about losing yourself in the moves and the moment of dance. STEP will make you want to fly out of your seat and start stomping and clapping and twisting right along with them – just like you did when you had “the time of your life”.

I’m telling you, there is no other movie in theatres right now that will make you feel this way. If you’re going to the movies this weekend, don’t sleep on STEP.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,