Sophia Nomvete in one of the best caftan dresses I’ve seen all year, maybe ever. I looooove this black and white print. Makes me want to live out the rest of the summer in caftans only. (Go Fug Yourself) 


This is an answer to a question that nobody was asking…right? Or was this something you’ve been thinking about? (Dlisted) 

The regular Meghan Markle haters in the British media reacted exactly as you would have expected them to after her podcast came out yesterday. Including commentary from a man sharing his opinions about what three women SHOULD HAVE talked about. Don’t we all just love when that happens?  (Cele|bitchy) 

Nicole Kidman in one of the more interesting photo shoots that we’ve seen from her in a while. I like it. She’s playful. She’s ripped. In one of the shots she’s wearing those boots we just talked about on Rihanna. And… see? She has the height for it. I’m also curious about her hair and those blunt layers on the side. Are those pieces are is her hair really cut like that? (OMG Blog) 

I love this piece by Lenika Cruz on the “guilt-free pleasure of airplane movies”. Watching on a plane makes certain movies better! Rom-coms on a plane are the BEST. Also Chinese movies – I will always go to the Chinese content page the minute I get on a flight. The last one I watched was Raging Fire, starring Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse. It’s demented, but somehow the altitude enhanced the experience. (The Atlantic)