This blue dress on Kate of House Cambridge is too long, or something. Or it’s cut too wide at the bottom for this length. And the shoes aren’t helping either. I also hate this colour so maybe that’s what’s throwing me off. (Cele|bitchy) 


I appreciate that Jamie Dornan doesn’t regret doing Fifty Shades of Grey. Not every actor has to be associated with an Oscar-nominated project. That said, I’m not sure we need to revisit our views on Fifty Shades, both the books and the movies. The story was terrible – had nothing to do with the actors. The actors were fine. I actually quite liked Dakota Johnson as Anastasia… something, can’t remember the last name. But can we also agree the movies got progressively worse? (Dlisted) 

The Fug Girls had a post last week about one of the big trends of the season: the bra top under a blazer, and Jamie Chung looks great in this teal bra top under a yellow suit. But there were a couple of other bra top looks last night at the WSJ event too. Demi Moore looked great in hers and Karli Kloss’s look was spectacular. That one sheer hip on her pants is excellent. Then again… I mean… it can’t be that hard for her. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Everyone was talking the other day about hot Buzz Lightyear because Chris Evans is playing him and that’s fine, we each have our own horny triggers, but … like… why are the cartoon chins getting bigger and bigger? Buzz’s chin is wider than the top of his head. And his chin-to-nose distance is way longer than his nose to forehead distance. So, no, I am not turned on by Buzz or by many cartoon characters, frankly, but Li Shang in Mulan can totally get it. (Pajiba) 

OMG! Months ago, or maybe last year, in this space I wrote about whether or not I should get a stand mixer because I have a hand mixer and it works fine with the sh-t I make and the stand mixer takes up counter space that I don’t have and it turns out people have a lot of thoughts about their mixers and the colours and whether or not they like them anymore and, no, I still don’t have one and I don’t think I want one but it remains of one of my favourite non-essential things to debate in my head. (Curbed)