The point of this story is that a dog “caught” a ball, sort of, at a baseball game. The point of my story is … how are these people bringing their dogs to the baseball game and able to focus on the game and not scrambling around the whole time preventing their dog from stealing people’s food, because this is what would happen if we brought our two beagles to the game. And also do the dogs, like, talk to each other? By “talk” I mean bark. Is it a lot of barking? Don’t they want to go around visiting and sniffing at each other? Are these stupid questions because everyone else in the world has well-behaved dogs that don’t embarrass them in public? (Dlisted) 


I mention Chanel a little later in this post but first, check out Penelope Cruz in Chanel while promoting her new movie. Like it is with Margot Robbie, I’m not entirely sold on Penelope x Chanel, so neither one of these looks is really doing it for me…but I do like her hair in the first shot. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Kate Middleton stepped out today in a mustard coloured dress and… this surprised me, because by her standards, this is an adventurous colour. By her standards this is fashion forward. (Cele|bitchy) 

Watch Kristen Stewart and her new wolf cut in a new short film for Chanel. The clothes are gorgeous and she looks really good in them – which is why this partnership, going on ten years, has been such a successful one. One the strongest celebrity brand relationships. (OMG Blog) 

Who are the most powerful people in podcasting? (The Hollywood Reporter)