We will be dark tomorrow, Friday, October 6, 2023 and Monday, October 9 as it’s a long weekend in Canada. Regular gossip schedule will resume on Tuesday, October 10… unless of course some crazy sh-t happens, like Taylor and Travis get married, in which case, I PROMISE I WILL BE HERE. 

I’m pretty sure I wore almost exactly the same outfit as Lily James but like in the 90s. These dresses that we’ve been seeing in the super thing stretchy fabric in all kinds of prints, it’s such a revival. Lily’s print showed up on t-shirts and shorts and bags. And, of course, the leather trench. Which I had in brown. Remember the brown leather trench? (Go Fug Yourself) 


Ariana Grande has been making headlines for her situationship with Ethan Slater. Was making headlines for situationship with Ethan Slater. But right now, she’s found a way to distract from those headlines… with her hair. Because people are now preoccupied with the fact that her hair is down! She’s wearing her hair down! (Allure) 

Bedbugs are on my list of worst nightmares. I am so afraid of bedbugs. So I always, always do the bedbug check – and we all should be doing the bedbug check! How many times have I been somewhere with a friend and she just flops onto the bed without checking and the sound that comes out of my mouth, I swear. Please check for bedbugs! And now in Paris! (Cele|bitchy) 


I don’t really keep up with RPF which stands for “Real Person Fiction” so I appreciate Kayleigh Donaldson breaking this down for me because I had no idea about the Prince Harry book, OMG! That said, I actually am now interested in Rey and Kylo Ren fan fiction, which is not RPF, because I agree that they were HOT together in The Last Jedi. I basically watched that whole movie like it was foreplay. (Pajiba) 

There’s a study that was done about whether not films with white male leads perform better than films with people of colour and female leads. The research shows that there is no significant benefit, and yet the money is still heavily weighted in that direction. (Mashable)