I am very much enjoying how Halle Bailey has been incorporating underwater details into her looks on The Little Mermaid press tour. This headpiece though! It is glorious on her! (Go Fug Yourself) 


Megan Fox is talking about her toe thumbs! I only know about her toe thumbs because Duana also has toe thumbs and the name for this physical feature is the best: brachydactyly. No I did not make up that word. It is a real word. And it’s pronounced as it’s spelled, which makes it even more fun. Brackee-dak-till-ee. Amazing, right? Once you see brachydactyly the first time, you’ll see it everywhere!  (DListed)

What is the most naturally pleasurable food to eat? I agree that a perfectly fried French fry is near perfection. But… that’s only if you haven’t tried youtiao, aka Chinese fried dough – it’s what we dip in congee and when it’s done right, it is literally the best thing ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. (Pajiba)


This piece is a few days old and maybe you’ve already seen it but even still, you should read it again. I’ve read it three times already and I’ve bookmarked it and I’ll come back to it again and again all year. It’s about Generation Connie, which is the generation of Asian American women who were named after Connie Chung. Most of us growing up in the East Asian diaspora in North America know at least two Connies, if not more. I personally know or at least know of at least seven – this is what Connie Chung meant to our community. And I’m not sure she’s fully aware of it. She might be a little more aware of it now that this essay was produced but, God, now I’m crying, when all these women were born and their parents looked to Connie to make one of the first decisions they made when their children were born, Connie was there, in those precious moments. Can’t even imagine what that means to her. (New York Times)