I don’t hate Jennifer Lawrence’s wide leg pants but I agree with the Fug Girls that that’s not the right shoe choice. Like, I understand why she wanted some height because this style of pants is long… but the way they’ve been brought back now, it’s OK to wear them with a flat, or even a sneaker. Our eyes have gotten used to the look. At least mine have because that’s the current style season – everything big and loose and comfortable, with sneakers. (Go Fug Yourself) 


The second season of And Just Like That... has concluded, and we already know that it’s getting a third. I only watched it for the first time this morning, and not even the whole final episode but just the Samantha part, which amounted to 74 seconds. This show… is a hate-watch, right? Like I know there are people paying attention but I don’t actually know that anyone’s really enjoying it. Which is fascinating because, if you recall, Sex and the City was part of the cohort of television shows that represents the first wave of prestige TV. It was SATC and The Sopranos that took HBO to a whole new level and, along with The Wire and even Six Feet Under and that generation of series, kicking off the era of Peak TV. Gradually more and more big name stars, movie stars, started considering working on television shows. And now, all these years later, And Just Like That... has become a hate-watch, unable to keep up with the legacy it launched. (The Cut)  


I mean, I don’t think anyone ever expected that Kevin Costner would ever see himself as anything less than perfect in the way he’s handling his divorce. Nobody thinks higher of Kevin Costner than Kevin Costner. (Cele|bitchy) 

Patty Lin was a writer on several popular shows and she’s written a piece about her experience writing for one season on Friends. It was not one of the highlights of her career – and much of it had to do with leadership and the fact that the cast, by that point in the show’s run, seems like they were bored with the material. (Pajiba) 

Lee Jun Seong and Shin Seongho, aka JunSeongHo, are making history as the first gay couple to cover Dazed Korea. And their skin is AMAZING. (Next Shark)