This isn’t my favourite Jodie Turner-Smith look ever but that doesn’t mean isn’t really good. And as the Fug Girls say, it looks so great in motion. The look is indeed on theme. October is Halloween month, my least favourite special occasion. So I’m taking this opportunity to warn you that I hate Halloween and you’ll be hearing a lot about how much I hate it over the next few weeks. I hate the fashion, I hate the decorations, I hate being scared, and I f-cking hate how much work it is. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne were involved in an altercation with paparazzi and now two of their friends have been detained and I think this is the first controversy that Margot’s been associated with since she’s been famous. Everyone has their own side of the story with the paps blaming the celebrities and their friends and the celebrities blaming the paps. But most celebrities will be on the side of the celebrities, guaranteed. (Dlisted) 

We’re just over a month until the season five premiere of Yellowstone, the show everyone watches but no one admits to watching. I will admit to watching. As Dustin says here, the show is a mess…but it’s entertaining, and funny. Maybe not intentionally funny but I find it funny because these Duttons are so f-cking extra. Anyway, John Dutton is about to become the governor and Dustin makes a good point – are we not going to be spending time at the Dutton ranch now? Like I was already starting to lose interest when we were cutting away from the Duttons to be with Jimmy so much last time. It’s too much Jimmy, ffs. Am I the only one here who’s not into Jimmy?! (Pajiba) 


The Danish royals are tired of the British royals sucking up all the royal drama oxygen and they’ve been making headlines the last few days over Queen Margrethe telling several of her grandchildren that they won’t be getting titles and now their parents Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are running to the media to complain. (Cele|bitchy) 

It's no longer cool to hate the vodka martini but I wasn’t aware that at one point it wasn’t cool to like the vodka martini. Were people being judged for ordering a vodka martini? (PunchDrink)